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Version: 2.1.0
Last Update: 2017-05-04
Install: 100 - 500
Rating: 3.5/5 (4)
Minimum Device Specifications: Android 4.0 and up
File Size:
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Description of Stridepost Parents 2.1.0 Apk

Are you looking for a way to help motivateyourkids to do chores, practice instruments, finish homework andbeready on time?

We’re parents too and we get it. Family life is chaotic. That’swhywe’re excited to share Stridepost with you. Stridepost wasbuiltaround the mission to keep families motivated. It’s a fun,simpleway to inspire kids to develop good habits by empoweringparents tobe consistent.

Download and get started. It’s free!

What is Stridepost?
Stridepost is a family motivator app for today’stechnology-drivenparents and children. The app motivates andempowers kids to takeresponsibility for their schedules,schoolwork, household choresand extracurricular activities byincentivizing them to completetheir to-do lists.

Stridepost Features:

To-Do Tracker
– Assign tasks to multiple or individual kids and tracktheirprogress
– Assign points to each to-do that your kids will earn astheycomplete the to-dos
– Kids can add and track their own to-dos and tasks.
– When they check the to-dos as “done,” it’s a fun way to feelasense of independence and accomplishment!

Allowance Tracker & Reward Planner
– Set a weekly points allowance for your kids and letStridepostkeep track
– Award points for completing tasks and build a custom rewardsplanfor your kids to strive toward
– Kids can redeem their points for rewards as they completetheirto-dos
– Add rewards from the Amazon Store or add some that best suityourfamily

Family Calendar
– Add family events, appointments & practices to ashared,centralized calendar
– Add online calendar integrations that work with GoogleCalendarand others
– Receive reminders 30 minutes before events begin
– Kids can add their own events too!

Family Wall
– Post messages to the entire family through a shared wall. Thinkofit as a private group text!

Cross Devices
– Use any device to access Stridepost.
– Parents can log in from any web browser or download thefreeStridepost for Parents app.
– Kids can access it from their smartphones and tablets withthefree Stridepost for Kids app.