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Last Update: 2017-03-28
Install: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Rating: 4.1/5 (52,555)
Minimum Device Specifications: Android 3.0 and up
File Size: 52.5 MB
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Description of Taxi Driver Apk

In this game with fantastic car physics youwill be able to drive taxi in 9 different missions:
• Taxi driver – drive passengers around the city
• Taxi parking – park your taxi
• Taxi jump – jump with taxi over the buildings, bridges, ramps andboats
• City – drive passengers through heavy city traffic
• Highway – hit the highway avoiding traffic (3-lane game)
• Drift – few drifting levels where you need to use handbrake
• Supercharged – drive taxi with tuned and powerful engine
• Passenger scream – sit on passenger seat and watch drive fromit’s view
• Find way out – use your intelligence to escape from factoryyard

• Taxi has traction control and ABS on some levels
• Minor improve of city levels
• Bug fixes
• Beautiful city scenarios
• Simple but colorful and fast graphics rendering
• Great sound
• No extra permissions needed for installation
• Easy quit from game
• Freedom mode for every level

• Unity 3D engine
• NVIDIA® PhysX® physics engine
• Support for both OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL 2.0
• Available for Android 2.0.1 Eclair (API level 6) or higher
• Possibility to configure difficulty level: easy, medium,hard
• Possibility to configure way to control your vehicle: by touch,by slider, by using wheel and by tilt screen
• Possibility to reduce visibility range, to increase frame rate onlow-end devices
• Possibility to change camera during game (in car, follow car,rotate cam, dynamic and static)
• Supports all screen sizes from e.g. Samsung Galaxy Mini (480×320)to Samsung Galaxy S3 or Huawei Tablets

• You need better Android device to run this game. If you havelow-end device and game works to slow, even after reducingvisibility range and turning off fog and other effects, pleasedon’t rate this game with 1 star. Just get faster Android.
• Vehicle traffic use simple physics model in order to work onmobile devices
• On some devices visibility range, model details and texturesmight different, depending of device that you are using
• In case of bad performance, reduce visibility range inOPTIONS/GRAPHICS to 150 meters and turn the fog OFF
• If you will like this game, check occasionally Google Play fornew versions of Duty Driver
• Internet access is used to show advertisements
• Email us your experience with this game: ideas for new episodesof Duty Driver, what you don’t like and what kind of missions didyou like the best

Enjoy the game!

If you have low-end device, and game works slow or it doesn’t workat all, please don’t rate game with 1 star. It is impossible tomake a demanding 3D game that will work on all Android devices.Rate the game only if you can play it. If you have problems withdownloading or installing this game, restart your mobile phone. Trydownload both via WiiFii and mobile internet.